• Sydney, Australia

  • San Francisco bay area

Intuit Inc.

  1. Illustration system at QuickBooks. Design system and visual design.

  2. Tax center, QuickBooks Australia. End-2-End user experience design. Try out the product.

  3. My Passion Project, QuickBooks Australia. Photography. Check out the live website.


  • Pittsburgh, PA

  • San Francisco bay area

Carnegie Mellon University

  1. SpaceX Hyperloop Competition. Visual design & 3d rendering. Check out the live website.

  2. Advanced Visual Processing course project. Redesigned a parking kiosk in the brand visual language of SONY PS4. Check out my process book.

  3. Capstone project with Johnson&Johnson. First-time-use experience design for Women’s Rogaine®. (with NDA)


  • Hangzhou, China

  • Singapore

Zhejiang University

  1. Milan Design Week 2015. Video editing for Project Rong. Check out the video.

  2. Studied in a Dual-degree program - Industrial design and Marketing. Check out my first portfolio.

  3. Designed a series of products for Qiushichao, our student portal website. Check out my first product.