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How’s life, Ruolan?

When I speak English, I cannot help but talk in a mixed accent - Mandarin + American English + Australian English:

1. Mandarin. Born and raised in mainland China, I am one of the most authentic Chinese native speakers you can find in Bay area: Idioms, memes, slang, and everything — @four_chars 👋

2. Yankee. I studied in the east coast - Pittsburgh, PA in 2016, when I used to sleep 4 hours a day on average at Carnegie Mellon University.📚 “My heart is in the work.”

3. Aussie. Due to work relocation, I had lived in Sydney, Australia for 1 year and 2 months since Aug 2017, and had 6 solo trips across the country: Melbourne, Perth, Great Barrier Reef, Canberra, Hobart … and my favorite of all Queenstown🏔, New Zealand!

Now I’m back to the bay, where will be my next stop?

Irrelevant but ‘cute’ milestones on how I’ve become a designer:

First product (2013) ‘Box’ - A simple file transfer tool

First portfolio (2015) Some nostalgic student’s projects…

My most impactful 3d rendering (2016) Carnegie Mellon Hyperloop

My most impactful photography (2017) My passion project

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